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Jump-starting Manhood through Circumcision

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For adolescent boys, being left out these days could mean not being able to watch that newest Marvel movie or not having the digital clout among their peers through perfectly executed selfies. But back in the day of our fathers and grandfathers, it could mean not feeling brave or special enough to do limitless things.  Like jumping out of an army airplane or climbing on top of a tree without disturbing the bee nest.


Without world wars to join in or personal wars to struggle with, how might our boys display bravery in this post-facebook age? Fortunately for our binatillos, they still need to go through circumcision.


Circumcision, the surgery of the foreskin of the penis or tuli in the vernacular, is a tradition and a rite of passage for young male Filipinos. Before the age of twelve or thirteen, parents automatically make an appointment for their binatillos to see the physician.


But more than a tradition, circumcision is a recommended minor surgery that has many known medical benefits:

  1. It promotes hygiene by making it easier to keep the end or tip of the penis clean.
  2. It prevents balanitis and balanoposthitis, or the infection of the glans (the head or tip of the penis), and the infection of the glans and foreskin, respectively.
  3. It reduces the risk of having penile cancer.


Performed by trained professionals under sterile conditions with aftercare and pain management, circumcision is another routine that your pre-teen boy must accomplish this summer. Not as inviting or convenient as getting your millenial child concert tickets to see Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran or getting him that electric guitar with amp, but it just might save his active and adventurous adult self one day.


If you think your boy would agree and is ready to be circumcised, sign up for our Summer Circumcision Package.

Don’t let your boys be left out!


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