Blood letting donation activity at unihealth-southwoods hospital

USHMC to conduct Blood Letting Activity in October

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During our Nurses Week Celebration next month, and in coordination with the Philippine Red
Cross Rizal Chapter, we will be conducting a Blood Letting Activity on October 16, 2018, Tuesday,
from 9am to 3pm at the USHMC Lobby.

To help blood donors prepare physically, our Nursing Staff listed the following Dos and Don’ts in
blood donation:


    1. Have enough rest and sleep, at least 5 to 6 hours.
    2. No alcohol intake for 24 hours prior to blood donation.
    3. No medication for at least 24 hours prior to blood donation.
    4. No recent vaccination (except for Hepatitis B).
    5. No recent travel abroad.
    6. Eat prior to blood donation, avoid fatty foods.
    7. Drink plenty of fluids like water or juice.
    8. No allergy attack on the day of blood donation.
    9. No cough and colds.
    10. No open wounds.
    11. No tooth extraction within the past 3 days.
    12. No recent tattoo (at least 6 months).


    1. Have your weight taken.
    2. Register and complete the donor registration form.
    3. Have your blood type and hemoglobin checked.
    4. Have a physician examine you.
    5. Actual donation — the amount of blood to be donated (either 350cc or 450cc) will depend
    on your weight and blood pressure. Blood donation will usually take 10 minutes or less.


    1. A 5 to 10-minute rest is necessary.
    2. Drink plenty of fluids like water or juice.
    3. Refrain from stooping down.
    4. Refrain from strenuous activities like:
    a. Lifting heavy objects
    b. Driving big vehicles (bus, truck, etc.)
    c. Operating big machines
    5. Avoid using the punctured arm in lifting heavy objects.
    6. Apply pressure on the punctured site and lift the arm in case the site is still bleeding.
    7. If there is discoloration or swelling on the punctured site, you may apply cold compress
    for the first 24 hours and the hot compress for the next 24 hours.
    8. If there is dizziness, lie down with your feet elevated. Drink plenty of juice. In just few
    minutes or so, it should pass.

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