Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

Admission for Non-Emergency


The admitting Department


Is located on the ground floor near the Information Area. Admissions are pre-arranged by the Attending Physician, with an admitting order, those who are rushed to the E.R. and advised for admission, who are assisted by the E.R. doctors or nurses are directed to the admitting office.


The Admitting officer will explain the details procedures of admission and will have the patient or relative read and sign important papers. This important procedure will take a few minutes, after which a designated hospital staff will assist the patient to the room choice.


If the patient is a health maintenance organization (HMO) card holder, he should inform admitting officer right away. Patient’s relative will be directed to the HMO office for verification of the coverage of the card in relation to the admission and final diagnosis.


Patient are discouraged from bringing valuable items such as jewelleries, gadgets etc. USHMC will not be liable for any loss of patient’s valuables.

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