Accredited HMOS and Medical Insurances
USHMC Hospital

How to use your HMO Card in USHMC


Our HMO Office is open from Monday to Saturday, from 7am to 8pm.

For a smooth and happy check-up, follow these steps.


Steps in Getting Your Consultation Approved:


  1. Ask our Information Desk if your preferred doctor is accredited by your HMO.
  2. If your preferred doctor is accredited by your HMO, go straight to our HMO touch screen queue machine located at the corner of the HMO Office and tap the information needed so you can get your ticket or queue number.
  3. Wait for your number to be called by the HMO staff (during off-peak hours) or look up at the TV display above the queue machine and wait for your number to blink.
  4. When your number is called or when it blinks on the TV display, proceed to the HMO Receiving Window and present your HMO card and one valid ID for verification.
  5. Once your consultation or test is approved, you will be called again to claim your IDs and referral at the HMO Releasing Window. The HMO staff will then give instruction on your next step.



Steps in Getting your Diagnostic or Medical Procedure Approved:


  1. Bring your diagnostic test request or referral, with your HMO card and one valid ID to our HMO Office for verification.
  2. If your test requires scheduling, the HMO staff will instruct you to go to the testing clinic to get an appointment. After securing the time and date, return to the HMO office to have your schedule evaluated. Once approved, you will sign a Letter of Authorization, which you must bring when you return to the hospital on your testing day.
  3. If your test does not require scheduling, the HMO staff will ask you to sign a Letter of Authorization, after which you may immediately proceed to the testing clinic to get your test done.



If you are below 18 years old, you must be accompanied by a guardian or parent, who will be asked to sign a Letter of Authorization by your HMO.


List of Accredited HMOs

  • AsianCare
  • AsianLife
  • Avega
  • BenLife / Starcare
  • CareHealth Plus
  • Carewell
  • Cocolife
  • Dynamic Care
  • EastWest Healthcare
  • Flexicare
  • Generali Pilipinas
  • HPPI
  • Insular Health Care
  • Intellicare
  • Kaiser International Healthgroup Inc.
  • Lacson and Lacson
  • Maxicare
  • MedaAsia Philippines
  • Medicard
  • Medicare Plus
  • Pacific Cross
  • Philcare
  • Philippine British
  • ValuCare


For inquiries, you may call our HMO Office directly at (02) 775 0361.

For our information desk, call or text 0917 871 3159 or 0925 803 7725.

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