Ward Clerk

A Ward Clerk is a person who provides general administrative, clerical, and support services for a clinical unit.

Job Summary:

  1. Ensure that medical records, laboratory reports, radiological images, and other related patient records are properly completed and securely stored but readily available to physicians, nurses, and other health care providers.
  2. Have a critical role in ensuring optimal and safe patient care, and they enable medical and nursing staff to do their work efficiently and in compliance with hospital policies and procedures.
  3. He/She is supervised by the Nurse Manager/Head Nurse of the unit.
  4. Perform clerical duties in hospital nursing units.
  5. Set up records for new patients.
  6. Prepare requisition forms for laboratory tests, therapy, drugs, and other supplies for their unit.
  7. Arrange for the transfer of patients within the unit or to other units.
  8. Accomplish the daily census of patients.
  9. Respond to telephonic queries and intercom requests, acquire and provide required information to patients.
  10. Expeditiously manage patient’s request for the medical record such as clinical abstract, discharge summary, medical certificate, medico-legal certificate, laboratory request, and operating room record.
  11. Receive his or her medical records and begins the process of entering patient information into order sheets, medical records, laboratory requests, and other components necessary to ensure the safety and accuracy of the patient’s management.
  12. Responsible for all ward-related paperwork and file maintenance for every patient admitted to the unit.
  13. Ensure implementation of Kardex.
  14. Ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of the ward and office area.
  15. Issue charge and requisition cards as and when needed.
  16. Review patient discharge charts and forms to close case file.
  17. Work collaboratively with the team of physicians and nurses to deliver quality patient care.
  18. Replenish the stock of ward supplies by forwarding timely requisition forms.
  19. Answer patient and patient’s families’ queries regarding admission, registration, and discharge protocols.



  • At least a college graduate, with or without hospital experience. Preferably courses under the Medical field.
  • Basic skills required include:
    1. Typing
    2. Computer Literacy (Proficiency with database and MS Office suite)
    3. Knowledge of medical terminology
    4. Filing
    5. Excellent customer service
    6. Effective verbal and written communication skills
    7. Knowledge in admission and discharge procedure

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