USHMC celebrates World AIDS Day

  • December 1, 2017
  • by unihealthadmin

On December 1, 2017, USHMC, through the organization of its Infection Control Committee, celebrated World AIDS Day by inviting its staff and patient-relatives to a lecture on HIV/AIDS. The guest speaker was Dr. Diona Dagdagan. She is the Treatment Hub Manager and Physician of Ospital ng Biñan. She was also the invited resource person in last year’s WAD celebration of USHMC.


“I’m not tired of repeating this (lecture),” said Dr. Dagdagan, who admitted that she is passionate about her campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.


Dr. Dagdagan imparted a lot of information about HIV/AIDs, including statistics and how we are yet to reach the peak of incidence of HIV in Filipinos, but the highlight was the lecture on Principles of Transmission of HIV.


According to Dr. Dagdagan, we will not be motivated to increase our awareness or to practice safe sex if we don’t understand HIV transmission. So she emphasized that we must remember this acronym: ESSE. They stand for: Exit, Survive, Sufficient, and Entry. To explain, she said that the virus must exit the body of the infected person, must be in conditions where it (virus) can survive, must be sufficient in quantity to cause infection, and must enter another person’s body.


To check everyone’s understanding, Dr. Dagdagan devised a game where the attendees were asked to identify if the sexual / social behavior (printed on paper) they are holding are no risk, low risk, or high risk. Sample behaviors include mutual masturbation, saliva to the open wound, anal sex/ no condom /withdrawal.


Before and during the lecture proper, brochures titled Sexually active kaba? Dapat maingat ka and government-subsidized lubricated condoms were given to the attendees.

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